Large Honeycomb Decorations

Large Honeycomb Decorations

These festive Christmas Table Furnace Centerpiece Large Honeycomb Decorations are a delightful addition to your holiday decor. Measuring 32cm, these paper honeycomb trees are crafted from quality recycled paper, combining eco-friendliness with elegance. The tree-shaped decorations feature magnets for easy opening and closing, ensuring hassle-free use and storage.

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Product Description

These large honeycomb decorations, paper honeycomb trees measuring 35 cm, are made of quality paper. The decorative paper tree comes with magnets to open and close easily. Widely used as table centerpieces for Christmas decoration. Perfectly designed for Christmas, these large honeycomb decorations serve as eye-catching table centerpieces, adding a touch of charm to your festive celebrations. Their versatility extends to Halloween, Thanksgiving Day parties, and fall-themed gatherings, making Large Honeycomb Decorations a reusable and decorative choice for various occasions.

Item Honeycomb tree
Description 35cm honeycomb tree
Popular Sizes 35cm
material Paper card
Color Optional
Accessories Hanging twine
Packaging Opp bag , custom
Certificate BSCI, FSC, FEDEX

Product features

●Size and Material:Large honeycomb decorations measuring 32cmCrafted from quality recycled paper, emphasizing eco-friendliness.

●Design and Functionality:Well-designed in a tree shape, perfect for Christmas decoration.Equipped with magnets for easy opening and closing, ensuring user-friendly experience.The Large Honeycomb Decorations's foldable design allows for easy storage, making them convenient for repeated use.

●Decorative Versatility:Large Honeycomb Decorations are suitable as table centerpieces for Christmas, adding a festive touch to your dining or display area.Versatile use for Halloween, Thanksgiving Day parties, and fall-themed gatherings.Adaptable for decorating tables, desks, and front doors, enhancing the ambiance of various occasions.

●Environmental Considerations: Large Honeycomb Decorations are made of recycled paper, aligning with eco-friendly practices.The reusable nature of the decorations promotes sustainability and reduces waste.

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