How to arrange the birthday venue


1. Determine the layout theme

Since we are planning a birthday party, the theme of the party should be determined first, as the theme has a decisive impact on the overall decoration style of the party, the attire of the friends attending the party, and so on.

2. Choose the right cake dessert

Of course, birthday parties cannot be without birthday cakes. You can book a birthday cake related to the party theme, and if you can make one yourself, it would be the best. In addition to cakes, considering the number of friends attending the party, some small desserts can also be prepared appropriately, such as cardboard box cakes, which not only enhance the birthday atmosphere but also taste delicious.

3. Pattern decorative products

Buy party decorations such as balloons, ribbons, petals, candles, letter/number aluminum foil, dolls, etc. Use letter aluminum balloons to spell out the abbreviation and "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" style on the front wall, and then use heat friction to stick the balloons to the ceiling. Use some ribbons and petals indoors to arrange them freely.

4. Play a birthday video

Prepare a projector indoors to play the birthday video you prepared for her on the day of the birthday party. The video content can include collected birthday wishes from friends or if you want to express your feelings.

5. Create a birthday card

A birthday card can be used to invite friends to a party or to have them write birthday wishes together on site. It will definitely be a very warm occasion.

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